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Glasgow Cathedral Glasgow Cathedral was built on the site where St Mungo, the first bishop of the Scottish Kingdom of Strathclyde, was believed to have been built his church, and was later buried upon his death in the 7th Century. St Mungo (or St Kentigern) was the legendary founder and patron saint of Glasgow. The earliest stone Cathedral on the site was dedicated in 1136 in the presence of King David I, but the current cathedral was built during the 13th to 15th centuries, and it has been an important Christian site for over 1500 years.

In 1451 the Pope declared that a pilgramage to Glasgow Cathedral would carry the same standing as a pilgramage to Rome. Glasgow Cathedral is one of the few churches in Scotland to have survived the Protestant Reformation without being vandalised or destroyed.

The Cathedral is very close to the Glasgow's city centre, and is adjacent to the St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art and the Glasgow Necropolis.

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